About Lee Russell…

I live in the Isle of Thanet in the UK, with my wife and daughter. During the day I work as a manager in a major blue-chip company. I enjoy leading and developing others; seeing them achieve their potential is very rewarding. Over the years my private-time has mostly revolved around family and sport.

I have played competitive league badminton, been a rock climber, taught karate, road-biked for a while and currently enjoy running.

Born in 1967, I have very strong memories of the closing days of the First Cold War which often resonate in my writing today. Films like ‘When the Wind Blows’, ‘The Day After’ and ‘Threads’ had shown just how devastating a nuclear war would be. I remember news reports of US Cruise Missile launchers prowling the UK countryside on manoeuvres, practicing for the day that they might need to rain nuclear hell on the USSR.

For a teenager growing up in those days, reports about anti-nuclear protests by CND, the Falklands War, the Reagan Administration’s ‘Star Wars project’ (ie SDI) , social uprisings in Eastern Europe, the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification made ‘The World’ seem like a very dangerous place… it was, and it still is.

My love of science fiction was born around 1980 when a family friend gave me a book by Isaac Asimov (I remember his name as the catalyst for my imagination, but not the book’s title). Books were very expensive in those days and the free gift of a hardback was quite something. Over the 30 years since then I have enjoyed reading the accumulated back-catalogue of sci-fi masterpieces that authors before me have left. My focus often sits with what Robert Silverberg called the true Golden Age of science fiction, the 1950s.

My strongest sci-fi influences include writers like Douglas Adams, Aldiss, Asimov, Greg Bear, Bradbury, John W. Campbell Jr, Arthur C. Clarke, Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Stanislaw Lem, Silverberg, E E ‘Doc Smith and Walter M Miller Jr. Outside of SF, I have been strongly affected by the writings of many other great authors including J G Ballard, Dante, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, T S Eliot, Graves, Koontz, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Solzhenitsyn and Tolstoy.

I am also influenced by a slow realisation about the power of love and respect for others. These values and emotions are the glue that binds us together in societies, whether that be in families, towns, countries or ideologies.

Today my writing tends towards Near Future, Hard SF, sometimes with Space Opera overtones. My stories often take place beyond the Earth, confronting my characters with problems under very difficult conditions that will tax both their physical and emotional resources. Love and Respect often play alongside Faith, as key attributes that help my characters to resolve their problems.

Books by Lee Russell:

An End of Beginnings – my first novel,published in 2016

Dead Snow – A work currently in progress, aiming to publish end of 2016

Future Visions – a collection of science fiction short stories – published in 2016

In the Web – 2011 – a short story that was published in Jupiter SF #34 and available for fee from my website

Swimming in the FastWarm Current – 2009 – a short story that was published in Jupiter SF #27 and available for fee from my website


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