Progress on writing “the BREXIT thriller”…

I really must find a title for my current project, a post-BREXIT espionage Thriller! That’s my goal this weekend… if I achieve nothing else, and I might not in the current UK heatwave, it would be great to get a title together for this story.

WriterHand2Progress has been intermittent on this book. By Christmas I had 36k words down from a target of 120k. The writing was very sluggish in the first quarter of the year and by the end of March I only had 50k words written. The slow pace was mostly due to the effect of being worked hard in my day job (leaving me too tired to write on most days) and looking after an ill member of my family. April and May were better, with 21k words added and today the project stands at 72k words.

One of the benefits of planning the book so thoroughly is that I know I am on the homeward straight: just the climax and resolution to go, with a revised target of 100k words…

So then… headphones on… background tunes playing… manuscript loaded… let the writing begin!


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