Website spring clean…

I’ve just finished updating my website at to remove clutter and make my content more accessible.


I had debated whether to retire the site and replace it with something from WordPress. However, the more I looked at WordPress the more I came to appreciate the way my current site has been tailored to my needs over the past few years. Maintaining my own site manually gives more flexibility than I could find with WP, so in the end I decided to stay with it (accepting that this involves more maintenance work on my part).

I took the opportunity while I was reflecting in this way to refresh the look of my site – I’ve made some good improvements, there is more consistency in the layout and – most importantly – it is more focussed on presenting my content with a minimum of fuss to readers.

Why not come over and take a look at  ? You’ll find links to my current books, news about my latest project and some free downloads…

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