‘Dead Snow’ is now published in paperback and on the Amazon kindle…

I’m really excited to have at last reached the launch day for ‘Dead Snow’!

Aerial view of glacier. Southern Alps, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand.

The paperback and e-book are now published on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com, and the paperback is also available from my US CreateSpace store. Initial feedback from people who received an advance readers’ copy has been good, and I’m hoping that will translate into some good reviews on Amazon.

It has been a lot of fun writing and publishing this novel. I enjoyed seeing Karen Torsen’s story play out through my keyboard and it was very satisfying to return to the world of the mega-plex. There is plenty of potential for future stories in that world!

Ordering ‘Dead Snow’:

You can buy the Kindle e-book from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com
The paperback is available on Amazon UK, Amazon.com, or my US CreateSpace store

Making good progress towards publishing ‘Dead Snow’…

I’ve made good progress in the past week towards being able to publish ‘Dead Snow’:

Book Launch Marketing Checklist – complete
Target Audience Profile – complete
Launch Plan – Started
Kindle format file – nearly ready (trialling on Kindle devices)
CreateSpace paperback file – nearly ready

I’m looking forward to seeing this book ‘fly the nest’!

‘Dead Snow’ is due to be published in Feb ’17…

Things are moving quickly now that the writing is finished for my next sci-fi novel called ‘Dead Snow‘.

Over the past week I have been completing all the last minute checks and started formatting the book for the Kindle. Once the e-book version is ready I’ll start working on a paperback copy on CreateSpace. One prerequisite for both versions was to settle on the artwork for the cover. I’m very pleased to say that I licensed my chosen image this morning – here is a preview of the Kindle cover (note, the tag-line is still subject to change):


Completed the first draft of ‘Dead Snow’…

I finished the first draft of ‘Dead Snow’ on New Year’s Eve 2016 – that’s exactly one year after finishing ‘An End of Beginnings’! I’m now at the embellishing/polishing/formatting stage and am aiming to publish in 2 months’ time.

Although this novel was ‘completed’ 1 year after AEOB, the writing only really got going in Jun ’16. I’m excited to see how quickly I’ve managed to complete ‘Dead Snow’, especially as I’m planning to produce 2 novel next year: the first will be a Brexit-based espionage-thriller, and the second will be a literary novel. I’ve spent years ‘learning the craft’ of writing through the lens of sci-fi, and I’m looking forward to writing in 2 different genres on 2017.

Happy New Year everyone!

Website under siege…

I run a small website on the internet to promote my writing and share free stories. In the past 2 weeks I have seen a significant increase in hacking attempts by criminals trying to take control of the site. They are seeking admin passwords, worpdress passwords, passing carefully constructed PHP strings, attempting to download vulnerable Photoshop extensions, and on and on and on. The hack attempts are mostly coming from servers in Ukraine, Russia, Seychelles, Germany and The Netherlands – its’ a good reminder about the need to keep your passwords secure, to avoid sharing them between platforms, and be careful about the sites you visit on the internet… criminals seem to be everywhere now.